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Let's Talk Paranormal - TV Talk Show
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Discussing topics from A-Z of the strange but true! That's exactly what this unique TV talk show is all about. Conversation and exploration of other realities that reside on and off our planet!
Week after week, presenting mind-stretching information and truly unforgetable guests.

About this weeks guest
Michael Keaton

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In Conversation With Michael Keaton - EVP
Guest: Michael Keaton
This weeks Let's Talk...Paranormal is brought to you from Beverly Hills, California. My special guest is Hollywood celebrity, Michael Keaton...

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About Tracie
Tracie Austin-PetersTracie is producer and host of Let's Talk...Paranormal, a TV talk show discussing topics from A to Z of the strange but true! The show has been airing since 2002, and is watched by viewers worldwide.
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